Not all sweeteners are created equal. Our products are made with natural, alkalinizing ingredients. Information about our ingredients is not intended as medical or nutritional advice, as we all have different nutritional needs and some have sensitivities that may make certain ingredients or products unsuitable.


Our products are made in a dedicated gluten and peanut free facility. Please note that they are manufactured in a facility that processes almonds, macadamia nuts, pecans, sesame seeds and coconut. 



It is possible to have your treats and be healthy too! In our humble opinion, the better the ingredients, the better the end result in both taste and health. At Sugar Free Please, we have worked hard to perfect recipes made with only 0 glycemic sweeteners and no starchy grains or legumes (that ultimately convert to sugar). Every recipe has been developed to stabilize blood sugar levels and be so completely keto friendly that our snacks will support and enhance any sugar free lifestyle. I have personally eaten a lot of "keto" sweets that took me out of ketosis. Our gluten free standard is also different than most. Starchy wheat is not replaced by more starch (think rice, potato and tapioca). We replace it with fibre and protein.


Here's a list of cornerstones to Sugar Free Please baking:

Inulin: So good for your digestive system! Inulin ferments quickly, feeding our healthy microflora. Very high in soluble fibre, inulin is a great aid against constipation. As well, all that fibre is bulky and imparts a great feeling of satiety, unlike traditional sugars which often leave us wanting more. A highly efficient cleanser, as inulin passes through the digestive system, it sweeps out toxins, fat, waste and cholesterol particles. Your heart, digestive and immune systems will thank you for indulging in this awesome sweetness. Another benefit to inulin is that it helps our bodies absorb calcium and it's prebiotic, so it feeds our healthy gut flora. 

Erythritol: Sugar Free Please uses only non GMO erythritol. Arguably the best sugar alcohol, it doesn't feed Candida or raise blood sugar levels and it's an antioxidant with cooling properties. Erythritol passes through the body without being metabolized. For this reason it has zero net carbs and zero calories. And, of course, this means it isn't likely to cause the rumbly tummy xylitol can.

Stevia: By now we all know stevia is an alternative to conventional sweeteners. Did you also know stevia has been shown to lower blood glucose and insulin levels in diabetics as well as lowering blood pressure? Stevia is expensive in its purest form. Therefore most is cut with carbohydrate-laden additives and/or other sugars. Sugar Free Please uses pure stevia powder and alcohol free liquid stevia preparations.