All gluten free flours are not created equal!



As with sugar free, all gluten free baking is not created equal. Usually starchy wheat flour is swapped for tapioca or potato starch, rice flour, oats, buckwheat, cornstarch, chic pea flour and other high carbohydrate, blood glucose-raising flours. It is possible to forgo these starches, instead using healthy flours, and still enjoy wonderful meals, desserts and snacks. Here's a list of some of the cornerstones of Sugar Free Please's baking:

Almond flour: Full of vitamins, almond flour is loaded with healthy fat. For those seeing red weight loss flags at the word "fat," here's the good news: healthy fat properly taken, is the quickest and most reliable way to lose weight and sustain the loss! Studies show those on ketogenic diets (70% fat, 7% carbs in the form of low-starch veggies) lost over a third more weight in their first year than those on low fat, calorie restricted diets (less than 25% fat). Very low in carbohydrates, almond flour also has good, almost equal amounts of fibre and protein.

Coconut flour: Organic and finely ground, our coconut flour is very high fibre, very low in carbs compared to grains, with about equal parts protein and fat. 

Chia flour: A whopping 86% of the carbs in chia are fibre. It is also high in Omega 3 fat, which is the most difficult to get and under-consumed Omega fat in our culture. At Sugar Free Please! we prefer to use chia soaked into a gel, and then dehydrated at low temperatures. This means that nutritionally, our crackers and granola are raw, but they are shelf stable and not goopy!


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Our baked goods are made with natural, preservative -free ingredients, and therefore are best stored in the refrigerator or freezer. Information about our ingredients is not intended as medical or nutritional advice as we all have different nutritional needs and some have sensitivities which may make certain ingredients or products unsuitable for certain individuals.